Fishbowl Inventory Offers Safety in Numbers

February 7, 2014
I recently wrote about 10 things Fishbowl Inventory can do that QuickBooks can’t. There is another advantage Fishbowl Inventory has over QuickBooks, and that is its ability to record everything a user does while logged in. Improve your data security with inventory management software, Fishbowl Inventory BlogWhy is this such an important feature? I’ll tell you by sharing the experience of a Fishbowl Inventory user.

Unauthorized Changes to QuickBooks

One of our customers told us that they were concerned that one of their employees was fraudulently making changes to their QuickBooks file. But they had trouble pinpointing exactly where those changes were being made because QuickBooks allows for after-the-fact changes to Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and inventory numbers. This company has a large number of transactions, so it was nearly impossible for them to check every one on a regular basis. They started using Fishbowl Inventory to rectify this unfortunate situation. Fishbowl Inventory isn’t an accounting solution, but it does work closely with QuickBooks, telling it when to generate invoices and keep track of sales and purchases of products and other materials. Most importantly, once a transaction is made, a permanent record is also made so that the accountant can easily track those transactions back to their source. In accounting terms, Fishbowl Inventory is GAAP compliant.

Fishbowl Inventory Records Changes

Whenever someone is logged in to Fishbowl Inventory and they create an order, modify one, delete one, or do just about anything else, the software records all of those actions. So if an administrator notices that some numbers don’t add up or something else seems to have gone wrong, they can go in and see who was logged in at the time the problem occurred and then talk to the responsible party. QuickBooks alone couldn’t give this assurance and peace of mind to that customer. Once the Fishbowl Inventory customer had concrete evidence that inappropriate things were happening, they were able to resolve the problem quickly.

Safety in Numbers

Fishbowl Inventory offers safety in numbers. It helps you keep errors from creeping into your data and it also lets you find and correct unauthorized changes that have been made to orders or other essential documents. Plus, it has served, and continues to serve, thousands of businesses across the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries. Fishbowl Inventory is an inventory control solution you can trust with your sensitive data because it puts you in control of your inventory.