Fishbowl Integrates with QuickBooks Online and Dropbox

June 12, 2015
Fishbowl 2015.6 was released on June 10, 2015. It includes a highly anticipated online integration. Fishbowl now integrates with:
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Dropbox
The video above explains how they work. Fishbowl’s Latest Integrations Fishbowl’s desktop solution connects to the QuickBooks online solution through a seamless integration. It’s pretty straightforward. You just need to follow a few simple instructions and then you’ll have the ability to export data to QuickBooks Online when you make sales, purchases, and other changes in Fishbowl. You can also integrate Fishbowl with Dropbox, which lets you store product images and other files in the cloud. This is a good way to back up your data and prevent unfortunate data loss from a computer crash. In addition to these two big things, there are also plenty of new options and fields in Fishbowl’s Shipping, User, and Manufacturing modules. This video covers all of these changes and how to make use of them. Of course, there are plenty of other solutions that Fishbowl integrates with. These are just the newest. Updating Fishbowl If you’re not sure how to update to the newest version of Fishbowl, just click this link to visit the Update Fishbowl page on the Fishbowl Wiki. That’ll show you exactly what to do.