Everything You Need to Know About Fishbowl’s Xero Integration

August 31, 2015
Here is everything you need to know about Fishbowl's Xero integration, Fishbowl BlogFishbowl seamlessly integrates with Xero, the popular online accounting solution. It’s important to get all the facts on this integration to see how it works and what it does for your business. The Fishbowl Wiki has detailed instructions and information on just about every part of Fishbowl’s software. And it answers a number of questions about Fishbowl’s Xero integration. Click the link to go to the Fishbowl Wiki page for more details about the integration. We’ll go through four of these questions and answers:

How is Xero different from QuickBooks?

Xero and QuickBooks have a lot in common because they’re both accounting solutions. Xero is solely accessible online while QuickBooks is available in both online and desktop formats. There are, of course, differences in their setup and interface, as well.

Does Xero work on a Mac and on Linux?

Yes, because Xero is in the cloud it can be accessed on a browser and it doesn’t need to be downloaded onto a computer. Operating systems aren’t an issue for it. Fishbowl, on the other hand, is a desktop solution that can be run on Windows, iOS, and Linux systems. It works with Xero on PCs, Macs, and Linux-run devices.

How does Fishbowl functionality change when integrated with Xero?

Fishbowl’s integration with Xero doesn’t change its functionality at all. It’s still the same manufacturing and warehouse management software; it just sends data over to Xero’s accounting software when the two are integrated.

Is inventory tracked in Fishbowl or Xero?

Fishbowl is where inventory tracking occurs. Xero records the quantity and price of goods sold in each order, but Fishbowl handles the logistics of picking, packing, shipping, etc. There are many other details on the Fishbowl Wiki page, including screenshots and explanations of what you can do with this integration. So click the link above and you will find everything you need to know about Fishbowl’s Xero integration.