An Eventful Fishbowl Day of Service

August 9, 2013
The Fishbowl Day of Service is an annual event in which Fishbowl employees all go to a local entity in Utah and spend the whole day giving service there. It can be a school, a women’s shelter, or any other worthy cause that needs help. Group photo at the 5th annual Fishbowl Day of Service, Fishbowl Inventory BlogI have had the pleasure of participating in the Fishbowl Day of Service for the past four years. The only one I didn’t get to help with was the first one in 2009. Everyone has a different experience at the Day of Service. We’re asked to perform a variety of jobs, some of which we’re better at than others. This year I had an experience unlike any other I’ve had at past Days of Service. I mistakenly showed up 40 minutes early to Lehi High School, the site of the 5th annual Day of Service. I had gotten the start time confused. I went into the school to look for my coworkers and see where I could help. As I walked down a hallway, a custodian stopped me and asked if I was willing to help him with a big piece of machinery. I agreed, and he had me pull a large platform over to the commons area, which has very tall windows. He then instructed me on how to work the equipment, which elevates a person high into the air. With that, he turned me loose and I was free to start washing the windows. I started with the highest ones. I’m a terrible judge of distances, but I estimate they must have been about 30 feet above the ground. It was a little nerve-wracking being so high up on the shaky platform, but I got used to it after a while. After a while of working high in the air, I noticed all of my Fishbowl colleagues starting to file into the school. That was when I started to realize I had messed up. I didn’t get a name tag or an assigned job like everyone else that day. I just kept washing the windows the whole time. I managed to overcome a little fear of heights and I didn’t die, so I’d say my experience at the Fishbowl Day of Service this year was a success. It looks like service project was a big success for everyone else, too. I saw people painting railings bright new colors, organizing musical instruments, cleaning up floors, doors, and windows, and doing a lot of other jobs. The school officials were grateful for our help, and we were glad to give it. We’ll catch you next year at the 6th annual Fishbowl Day of Service!