Get a Taste of Fishbowl

Watch how Fishbowl helped a Canadian bakery called Niche Bakers Corp. accomplish wonders in this…

Robert Lockard

Mining the My Fishbowl Module

The My Fishbowl module has a wealth of information about your account with Fishbowl, including…

Robert Lockard

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Inventory Management

Here are four inventory management agonies companies face and how to turn them into ecstasies.

Robert Lockard

How to Mitigate and Manage Your Factory After an Accident

Industrial accidents are a real threat to more than just the processing cycle at the…

Rachelle Wilber

Checking Out the Calendar Module

The Calendar module is a tool within Fishbowl that allows you to create and modify…

Robert Lockard

One-Up the Competition with an Inventory Quest

Take a trip down memory lane as we explore the many ways Fishbowl helps you…

Robert Lockard

Vital Tactics for Protecting Your Inventory

One of the primary goals of security is to make the person or area a…

Rachael Murphey

Running Through the Data Module

The Data module gives you the option to view and export information from the Fishbowl…

Robert Lockard

How Inventory Management Can Reduce Warehouse Shrinkage

One of the best ways to tackle warehouse shrinkage is to implement inventory management systems.

Ralph Goodman

What’s in Your Stocking?

What’s in your stocking? If you have a warehouse it must feel like Christmas every…

Robert Lockard