5 Supply Chain Management Certifications

Want to demonstrate your supply chain prowess? Perhaps you could benefit from obtaining a supply…

Robert Lockard

How to Keep Your Factory Comfortable in the Summer Months

These suggestions can keep your factory cool and enticing for all of your employees during…

Rachelle Wilber

Creating Customers and More in the Customer Module

The Customer module is where you go to add and edit information about your customers.

Robert Lockard

Operating Systems Supported by Fishbowl

Fishbowl’s desktop server and client can run on the big three types of operating systems:…

Robert Lockard

The Importance of Data in Your Inventory Management

Understanding how data is shaping inventory management will help you become more efficient and knowledgeable…

Avery Phillips

Navigating the Shipping Module

You can use this module to pack and ship items that you’ve previously picked. And…

Robert Lockard

5 Excellent Reasons to Get Fishbowl

Here are 5 excellent reasons to start using Fishbowl in your business.

Robert Lockard

Inventory Automation for Operations and Sales Improvements

If you’re growing and find yourself spending more time passing data between the systems you…

Josh O'Connell

Sifting Through the Picking Module

This module lets you see which sales orders, work orders, transfer orders, and credit return…

Robert Lockard

5 Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Your Warehousing

Outsourcing your warehousing can be good. Make sure you pick the right time to make…

Michelle Arios