7 Compelling Reasons to Schedule a Fishbowl Demo

May 3, 2021
Schedule a demo to receive a fast, free tour of Fishbowl by an expert who can answer your questions and give you a new perspective on inventory management, Fishbowl Blog

Are you interested in seeing Fishbowl’s software up close and personal while also having access to an expert well-versed in its functionality? A Fishbowl demo is what you’re looking for. All you have to do is fill out a form, schedule a time, and get started. An inventory specialist will share his screen with you to give you an in-depth demonstration of how the software works in a business environment.

If you’d like to know why you should schedule a demo, check out these seven compelling reasons.

1. It’s Free and Fast

There’s absolutely no cost associated with receiving a demo of Fishbowl Manufacturing or Fishbowl Warehouse. When we say free demo, we mean free. It’s not even a huge time commitment, either. The demo can be done in as little as 10 minutes, depending on how it goes and what questions you have. If you’d like it to last longer, you are free to stick around and gather more information.

2. You Are in Control

Once you fill out the form on the demo page, you will be contacted shortly to set up a time for it. You decide the when, where, and how. Why not give it a chance? You have no obligation to purchase. The free demo isn’t contingent on any promise or commitment on your part. All you have to do is show up. Having a spirit of curiosity and inquisitiveness certainly helps, but it’s not required.

3. Get a Guided Tour by an Expert

Possibly the best part of a Fishbowl demo is the fact that you’re not on your own to find what you’re looking for. An expert is right there to guide you through the software and show you the highlights. You can interact with them at any time when they hit upon a topic or feature of particular interest to your operations. Basically, you don’t have to go hunting blindly for the most important parts of Fishbowl’s software. They’re brought directly to you!

4. Receive Instant Answers to Questions

What questions would you like to ask a Fishbowl representative during your demo? Here are a few ideas. How much does the software cost? Can it handle my 10,000-item inventory? How about 100,000? How can it streamline my business processes to increase productivity? What’s the process for adding items to the software and connecting it with QuickBooks and other business solutions? What makes Fishbowl better than what I’m already using? You’ll probably have many other questions you’ll want to ask. Be prepared to take notes on the incisive answers you receive.

5. Enjoy Hands-on Learning

We all learn in different ways. Some enjoy lectures while others prefer hands-on learning. With a Fishbowl demo, you get the best of both worlds. Someone is there to instruct you on Fishbowl’s features while you also get to see those features in action right before your eyes. Whether you’re an audible or visual learner, you have a chance to find answers that are practically tailor-made for you during a demo.

6. Gain a New Perspective on Inventory Management

Inventory management isn’t always the most intuitive part of running a business. By simply taking a tour of Fishbowl, you might just get a few creative ideas you had never thought of before to improve the way you manage your inventory. You may even gain a whole new perspective on this important aspect of your business. And, again, you don’t have to pay a dime to arrive at this aha moment.

7. Potentially Improve Your Business in Big Ways

By the end of the demo, you could be on the verge of dramatically changing your business for the better. Maybe you never knew that managing inventory could be so efficient before you heard about Fishbowl. The savings you’re likely to enjoy will almost certainly justify the purchase. Check out Fishbowl’s ROI Tool to calculate just how much money you will save with Fishbowl and how quickly it will pay for itself.

Schedule a Fishbowl Demo Today

We invite you to sign up for a Web demo right now. Once you do, you will receive a fast, free tour of Fishbowl’s software by an expert who’s ready to answer your questions and give you a new perspective on inventory management. We can’t wait to help you!