Inventory Management Software Spells Success (But It’s Not Magic)

There’s no witch’s brew that can transform inventory management into an absolutely simple process.

Magic inventory management, Fishbowl Inventory BlogHowever, inventory management software works a lot like magic, making it easier to perform complex tasks. I’ve compiled a list of spells from the Harry Potter books that relate to inventory management in interesting ways. You need to use a barcode scanner rather than a magic wand to make these “spells” work, but the results are basically the same.

This isn’t the first time I’ve compared Harry Potter to inventory management, but it’s just too tempting not to return to it this Halloween.

I’ve included the spell name and what it does followed by an explanation of how it relates to inventory management. Let’s start things off right by conjuring this list with the words Album Exsto!

Accio (Summon items)

Pick parts and products out of your warehouse quickly and efficiently with Fishbowl Inventory’s Picking module. You can even pick multiple orders at the same time, if you like.

Aparecium (Make invisible ink reappear)

Use Fishbowl Inventory’s reports, as well as custom reports available from Fishbowl’s partners, to discover trends in product sales and inventory levels that can help you plan ahead for demand changes and other things that would be difficult to see on your own.

Defodio (Cut into even the hardest rocks and metals)

Fishbowl Inventory helps you streamline your manufacturing and order management processes, cutting through unnecessary steps and automating a lot of tasks. Even the hardest jobs become more manageable with the right tools.

Geminio (Create duplicates of objects)

This works doubly in Fishbowl Inventory. You can use a bill of materials to guide the production of goods and you can instantly duplicate a Bill of Materials when you want to build more than one of the same product. This makes it quicker to build popular items.

Reparo (Repair damaged goods)

You can create manufacture orders for any number of manufacturing jobs, including assembly, disassembly, and repair. It’s not quite as fast as waving a wand, but it’s still pretty fast when it comes to repairing damaged products.

Riddikulus (Turn something scary into something silly)

Inventory management seems like a monumental task when you’re trying to do it by yourself. But with the help of Fishbowl Inventory and adequate software training, you can face these challenges without fear.

Specialis Revelio (Reveal an object’s secret magical qualities)

Is something holding your business back from reaching its potential? You may discover unseen strengths within your business as you use inventory management software to become more efficient.

With Fishbowl Inventory helping your business thrive in seemingly magical ways, you can say to your bottom line, Wingardium Leviosa!


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  1. Skyler says:

    This comparison was well done and well researched. It was also very fun to read!

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