Dr. Seuss’ Inventory Management Alphabet

Editor’s Note: This entire blog post is written in a Dr. Seuss style, so it should be read as a big poem or song. Ian Bird is a ridiculously creative writer.

Make inventory management as easy as ABC with Fishbowl Inventory, Fishbowl InventoryFishbowl knows inventory and they know operations. Call them today and get your ovations.

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I hope you enjoy this fun take on Fishbowl using alphabet letters. The real fun starts when Fishbowl Inventory helps your company get better.

A is for Apps our Fishbowl Partners create. They add big value and we think they’re great.

B is for Better reports, so your business intelligence can be smarter. Isn’t that easier than trying to work harder?

C is for Customer, who our partners always put first. The love is so strong that your heart will just burst.

D is for Data, we know you have tons. Let Fishbowl and its partners help turn your data-dos into data-dones.

E is for EDI, so you can sell in big stores. Because when it comes to your sales, you want your lesses to be mores.

F is for Fishbowl, the foundation for it all. It’s the reason our users don’t throw computers at the wall.

G is for Gross; no, not the opposite of appealing. We mean the “total,” as in your profits are healing.

H is for Hosting, so you can have access everywhere. Your office, house, the train, even your lawn chair.

I is for Inventory, which is what this is all about. If inventory were a contest, Fishbowl would win in a rout.

J is for Job, which we know that you covet. Let Fishbowl impress; your bosses will love it.

K is for Kangaroo, our Aussie friends will say. They love Fishbowl Australia, on their side of the bay.

L is for LilyPad. It makes using Fishbowl Inventory like Kung Fu. You can use Fishbowl anywhere. Who knew?

M is for Marketplace, where you can find Fishbowl Partner gems. Be part of the in-crowd, not part of the “thems.”

N is for a Nice bottom line, which you can easily track. With Fishbowl, your bosses will want to put your name on a plaque.

O is for Operations, which if you need an upgrade, Fishbowl will work wonders with its features arrayed.

P is for Partners who, with Fishbowl, will help you rise. Just watch your profits soar and surprise.

Q is for Quality, something you always must watch. Let Fishbowl help you take things up a notch.

R is for Raises, as in higher expectations. You’ll be impressed by Fishbowl’s constant innovations.

S is for Scanning; barcodes simplify stuff. At some point pen and paper just aren’t enough.

T is for Target – the goals you must meet. Fishbowl’s tools let you the estimates beat.

U is for Unmanageable, like your inventory before Fishbowl. With our inventory software, life is now whole.

V is for Victory – it’s clearly in view. Just call up the experts – Fishbowl is waiting for you.

W is for Winners, which we all want to be. Fishbowl can help you. Just try it – you’ll see.

X is just a letter. I don’t have a word to go with it. But Fishbowl can help you to get better. It’s practically mythic.

Y is for You – the great person you are. The one who found Fishbowl and the boss named a star.

Z is for sleepers, well, the sound that they make. Now you can rest easy because Fishbowl’s so great.

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2 Responses to Dr. Seuss’ Inventory Management Alphabet

  1. Marilyn says:

    I love this! Very fun and informative. Thanks for sharing your creativity Ian!

  2. Kevin says:

    love it.

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