Fishbowl’s False Starts on the Way to Its Current Success


  1. Loved the honesty Grant. It’s hopeful to the rest of us who are in the stages of trying to make a go of it. Thanks!

  2. Grant, those really were the days, weren’t they!

    In response to a few of your comments; The name “Eventronix”, although a bit techie I admit, was derived from the platform being based on an Event Driven Architecture (EDA), which actually was about 10 years ahead of its time according to the Gartner Group (I could give references if you’d like).

    Event Manager (EVE), being the core of the EDA was cool, but as most “new” platforms, it was WAY immature for becoming anything commercial on its own. Although, had it somehow made its way to commercialization, Fishbowl might not exist, but could be MUCH bigger than it is now. Who knows!

    Shop and Warehouse Information Manager (SWIM) was incomplete and was purchased from me due to my inability to finish it due to financial constraints. Everyone knew it was incomplete, and as you should recall, I provided the developer to work on your team in effort to finish it. Of course, I understand that if he is utilized other ways, he might not complete it in the planned schedule (how often does anything happen to schedule!). You probably re-architected it to something better anyway, so no worries, just saying for the record.

    Finally, there is an interesting history for Fishbowl a few years before I hired you that for reasons I don’t fully understand, has been suppressed. Maybe someday I’ll put that part in my own memoirs, and it can sit on my shelf unread, but at least published somewhere.

    I did enjoy reading your blog, and it brought back some good (and bad) memories, but I’ve learned a lot from those early experiences! I am satisfied that my efforts in the early days provided you with a venture that in Dave’s words “…was a fairy-tale adventure with relatively few problems…” by the time he arrived.

    Keep the interesting articles coming, and keep doing good in the world!…

    Your friend,
    Mike Rich

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