Multi-Currency Features Are Coming to Fishbowl Inventory!


  1. Will this multi-currency feature allow us to fix Fishbowl part prices in Euros to be used to generate the PO in Euros? The dollar/Euro conversion doesn’t matter except initially when the bank issues the wire transfer, and again when the goods are received into inventory. There may need to be some exchange rate variance account to reconcile these two in Quickbooks…

  2. The first release of Fishbowl will allow you to create POs in a alternate currency and set an alternate currency w/ an exchange rate to USD. You will be able to print the PO report and display alternate currency costs too. All transactions will be accounted for in USD in QuickBooks. In the next multicultural release we will be adding the ability to integrate with QuickBooks multicultural features too. This will give you the opportunity to pay a bill at a different exchange rate then it was entered and QuickBooks will then create a variance entry for you.

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