How Do I Love Inventory, Let Me Count the Ways

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Counting the ways inventory control software helps businesses, Fishbowl Inventory BlogElizabeth Barrett Browning famously penned the words “How do I love thee, let me count the ways” in one of her sonnets. I’m always writing about inventory control, so when I thought of that phrase this Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help thinking about it in a unique way. Inventory control is about counting materials and their costs, and today I’m going to count the ways inventory control software can help your business be more efficient:

1. Organize data – Rather than keeping track of your inventory on paper or in Excel spreadsheets, you can use inventory control software to organize your data and make it easier to retrieve.

2. Streamline complex tasks – Eliminate unnecessary steps, like having to enter orders, expenses, and other information into your database by hand. Inventory control software instantly updates your records for you.

3. Keep accurate records – If you use Fishbowl Inventory to control your inventory, it will automatically update QuickBooks to reflect new orders, sales, and other transactions. No more worrying about whether your accounting and inventory records match up.

4. Balance inventory levels – Find just the right number of parts, products, and other materials at each of your warehouses so you won’t suffer stockouts or waste money on idle inventory.

5. Avoid product spoilage – Don’t let products sit too long. Food spoils over time and other products can become obsolete or worn down if they sit too long. Inventory control software tracks product expiration dates to solve these problems.

6. Empower employees – Give employees new tools and training so they can speedily scan in products, check inventory levels, and do many other things that make better use of their time.

7. Speed up business processes – Using barcode scanners and software, you can quickly pick, pack, and ship products, reorder items when they get low, receive orders into your warehouse, and much more.

8. Cut costs – Inventory control software helps you cut costs in many ways, from optimizing your inventory levels to lowering your workforce demands and helping you get more done in less time.

9. Plan ahead – Inventory control software lets you track customers’ purchase history, and generate reports that show sales trends by location. All of this data helps you plan for seasonal shifts in demand and other sudden changes.

10. Restructure your warehouse – Another benefit of having access to so much data is that you can discover what combinations of products people tend to order together. Then you can reorganize your warehouse to store those products next to each other.

There you go. We just counted 10 of the ways inventory control software helps businesses like yours. You can definitely count on Fishbowl Inventory for your inventory control needs. Get an inventory software demo to learn more about Fishbowl Inventory.

And have a great Valentine’s Day with that special someone in your life.


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