QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Pro (Infographic)


  1. After seeing the need for multiple online channel integration’s and a need for better overall control of our business, we moved to Fishbowl almost 1 1/2 years ago. We’ve utilized many of the great features this software offers to increase our gross revenue and grow our our overall business during the past 18 months. Without Fishbowl, we couldn’t have done it. Continuing to enhance our business with a better customer experience, we have now moved our accounting to the cloud with Quick Books Online. This has opened the door to many other Apps to allow for some very nice automation with regards to credit card processing and invoice generation. Unfortunately, Fishbowl doesn’t seem to be embracing this new feature and has limited its functionality by leaving out some basic accounting functions. So, I ask: 1. When will the customer’s name show up from Sales Orders exported to QBO invoices? 2. When will the PO field be mapped to the invoice? 3.When will payments recorded in Fishbowl Post to the Invoice in QBO? 4. When will the reference # entered in Fishbowl be exported as the Vendor Bill in QBO, instead of the PO? 5. When will complete (email, phone#, tax id, etc.) information from a new customer created in Fishbowl export to QBO?

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