3 Hilarious Christmas Carol Parodies

Merry Christmas! Last year I celebrated this joyous holiday by sharing a fun parody of “’Twas the Night Before Christmas.” This year you’re in for a real treat because I’m offering not one but three hilarious parodies of Christmas carols I wrote for you to enjoy. Plus, I made a video of me singing them for your viewing and listening pleasure!

One of the carols is about my good friend Larry White, a Fishbowl training and support expert. The other two are about Mary Scott, the President of Fishbowl. I included my lyrics below the video. I hope you get a nice smile from them. Have a happy New Year!

We Wish You a Larry Christmas

We wish you a Larry Christmas;
If there’s mistletoe he’ll kiss us;
We promise he isn’t vicious; He’s full of good cheer.
Watch your step on the roads; it’s icy out there,
And don’t go long boarding if you don’t want a scare.

He gives customers great service;
To irate ones he’s impervious;
He’s the antithesis of nervous; we’re happy he’s here.

We won’t go until we get some
Of his famous cookies, oh yum;
Did anyone bring the Tums? Oh, please keep them near.

We wish you a Larry Christmas;
Ask him where he got his stitches;
By now he prob’ly wishes he had plugs in his ears.

Note: Larry had a long-boarding accident last year, but he has a great sense of humor about it now that he’s all healed. And he makes delicious cookies.

Have Yourself a Mary Little Christmas

Have yourself a Mary little Christmas,
She’s such a delight.
Since she came
Our Fishbowl has been out of sight.

Have yourself a Mary little Christmas,
She’ll make you feel great.
She wants to
Help single people to get dates.

She got us an exercise room.
Take the hint soon, and use it.
After gaining our winter fat
We better hit the mat, and lose it.

Through the years
We all will stick together,
If Chuck Bates allows.
Watch J.D. hang stars upon the highest bough.
And have yourself a Mary little Christmas now.

Note: John David King (J.D.) is really tall.

We Wish You a Mary Christmas

We wish you a Mary Christmas;
We’re grateful for all she gives us;
She loves swimming with the fishes in our bright orange Fishbowl.
Good tidings she brings with her friendly looks,
Please excuse her a minute while she goes and Facebooks.

She keeps Dave from going crazy
With the stress he faces daily.
She has no single ounce of lazy in her body or soul.

She thinks a mile a minute.
Her heart is always in it.
She knows that we can win if we all work as a whole.

We wish you a Mary Christmas;
Thanks to her we are in business,
And now it’s time to finish this merry carol.

Note: “Dave” in the second verse refers, of course, to Fishbowl CEO David Williams. I wrote a song for him, too, but I’ll wait until next Christmas to share that one. If you’re curious which song it’s a parody of, think of which Christmas carol has the word “David” in the title.


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