Is QuickBooks Right for You?


  1. Great article! I think the best way to answer your question “What’s the secret ingredient that makes QuickBooks the best accounting software for your business?” is to relate to business owners how feasible it is to find a bookkeeper or accountant to work with your books.

    Most every business will have to hire an accountant (at least during tax season) to compile their financials. Since QuickBooks has the largest market share of bookkeeping software users, plus an overwhelming majority of certified experts around the country, it will be far less time consuming and usually less expensive to find someone who is proficient with the QuickBooks software.

    This is the main reason our small business resource website,, focuses on the different types of QuickBooks instead of on all the different types of bookkeeping software.

    Thanks for the informative article!

    1. Thank you very much for sharing this insight. You’re absolutely right about that. It’s like trying to find spare parts for a very popular car versus an obscure one. The obscure car might have most of the same features as the more popular car, but the popular car will be less expensive to maintain because of the abundance of repair shops and parts available for it. I’ve actually been planning a blog post on this very topic so thanks for stealing my thunder. 😉

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