Inventory Management of the Future

It was that magical time of day between late afternoon and early evening when daylight gently fades, colors withdraw from the air and a nice grayness calms earth and sky. As habit dictated, I was walking the dirt trail that snaked alongside the irrigation canal through busy neighborhoods. As evening meals were prepared all around me, the air was filled with the aroma of grilling meats, fresh-baked breads and exotic spices. The humdrum noise of countless activities, conversations and TV shows became soothing white noise that immediately calmed my nerves.

Rick Weiss, Fishbowl's Director of Marketing & Design, Fishbowl Inventory BlogThese end-of-workday strolls allowed me to unwind from my long, stressful days as a new business owner, and I relished this time to myself. Usually no other bodies used the trail at this time of day so I was surprised to see another figure walking slowly towards me. I lowered my gaze and was going to avoid eye contact but was surprised when the man stopped a few feet in front of me and gently said: “Hello, Bill.”

I jerked to a stop, looked up and responded: “Who are you and how do you know my name?”

The stranger said: “My name is William and I know you because I am you… only older.”

“What the…” I uttered but at the same time recognized my own voice, face and mannerisms in him.

William responded: “I know, weird, huh. It’s called mental time travel. It’s a big thing when I come from.”

“How is it possible?” I asked.

“Turns out that the same exact neural circuitry in our brains are used to remember our past and to imagine ourselves into the future. You’re thinking of the future right now and I, as your future self, am concentrating on this moment in the past so we have quantum connection. Subscribe to Discover magazine and you’ll read about it in a few years,” William said.

“OK, I can buy that, but why are you here?” I asked.

“To save your business and give us a better future,” William said.

“Save my business?”

“Yes, unless you make a critical decision right now your business will fail in short order and I don’t want to go through that post-failure hell again.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You want to expand to several offices across the country and want to expand your inventory to several critical shipping locations as well, correct?”

“Yeah, how do you know? Never mind, you’re me, I forgot.”

“So, you need to get control of your inventory management solution quickly. Unless you get Fishbowl Inventory now, you won’t be able to manage your expanded operations and your business will become a nightmare. Even these long evening walks won’t mitigate your stress.”

“Fishbowl Inventory?”

Past, present and future signs, Fishbowl Inventory Blog

“I know, weird name but a powerful product,” William said. “I just found out about it a year or so ago and have been trying to connect with you for some time now. Believe me, you need Fishbowl. It is huge in my time and has been around for years, even in your time.”

“Why Fishbowl?” I asked.

“OK, you asked,” William said. “It is the most powerful and efficient inventory management software for businesses just like yours. You can go ahead and open those other offices and warehouses because with Fishbowl it will actually be possible for you to manage all of the locations you are thinking of right now. And more. Don’t limit yourself to what you are thinking of now, think bigger… make us comfortable in our old age!”

“Is that it?”

“Oh no, not at all. With Fishbowl, you can track assets, shipping, receiving, and become much more efficient in handling all accounting and inventory aspects of your business. And I know how you like to be efficient.”

“Thanks for the commercial. Now I suppose you are going to tell me how to get Fishbowl.”

“That’s why I’m here,” William said as he handed me a slip of paper. “First thing tomorrow morning, go to and ask for a free trial. We both will be grateful!”

“OK. Thanks, William. Anything else?” I asked.

“Just one more thing… that cute brunette you’ve been eyeing on the 2nd floor, ask her out. We won’t regret it!”

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