Fishbowl Think Tank: Fishbowl 2011 Runs 40% Faster


    1. You can select to show the column “item number and description” and remove the option to show item number and description as individual columns and then the line note will show up in the PO Report.

  1. That’s a great test. When I first saw the title of this blog I thought, “40%?? How did you come up with that number?” Our client’s sales personnel, especially the ones running over VPN, could really use that improvement.

    1. Lance,

      Thank you for reading this blog post and sharing your comment. Every computer is different, so I suppose speed increases may vary for different users, but the important thing is that they’ll definitely see an increase in speed and efficiency. I should remember to talk about things like this when talking about technical subjects.

      Our development team did a great job making our software even better for the Fishbowl 2011 release. They wanted to quantify their efforts by showing that it’s 40% faster in several tests they ran. Even if you can’t time the difference on your computer, you’ll probably see a big difference by just using it like you always do.

      Thanks again for your comment, and have a great day!

      Robert Lockard

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