Automated Warehouse Solutions

Automation seems to be one of the biggest business buzzwords of the past several years. Companies want to automate everything that they possibly can.

Do you have processes or tasks within your warehouse that can be automated? You could look at it this way – each job or task has value attached to it. Are your employees conducting tasks worth $15/hour in returns when they could be conducting tasks worth $50/hour in returns, or even $100/hour?

Just like streamlined manufacturing, automation in warehouse management involves automating routine tasks that can be done by an advanced software system so that your employees can focus on more productive tasks. Fishbowl was created to automate this process and make life easier for warehouse managers and supply chain managers.


Here are a few of the many tasks that can be automated through Fishbowl’s business automation platform:

Inventory Management

It’s an arduous task to stay on top of the inventory inflow and outflow of a warehouse. An inventory management system can automate most of the processes, such as tracking inventory by location, calculating and setting up automatic reorder points on all of your parts, and generating detailed reports on sales, orders, inventory turnover ratios, and more. However, barcode scanning, so that the number of items on the shelf matches the quantities contained in your inventory system, remains a manual process. But even barcode scanning can be seen as being automated compared to other options. It is far better than entering data by hand because scanning product barcodes ensures the right product is being accessed and that typos won’t accidentally be entered into the data.


It can be a nightmare to have synergy with your inventory quantities and general business finances. Fortunately, systems like Fishbowl Warehouse seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks so the data is centralized. This spares your accountant a huge headache, especially come tax season. You can centralize your view of inventory costs, overhead expenses, purchase orders, payroll, and any related finances. This allows you to view the financial health of your business in a single view and not need to silo your warehouse finances.

Time & Labor Management

You need to effectively manage all of your resources – including your employees. Fishbowl Time is an online time clock solution that integrates with the main Fishbowl software to centralize this data with your finances and inventory data as well. This makes clocking in and clocking out easy by letting employees use their mobile devices! The app can be accessed via tablet, laptop, or desktop.

There should always be some kind of oversight or management by an employee, but many tedious tasks can be on autopilot. This allows managers to invest more time in making better decisions and improving the process as a whole. With Fishbowl, you can be more like a general overseeing the entire battlefield, as opposed to always being a soldier in the trenches. You don’t need to be stuck working in your supply chain, but instead, be free to work on it.

Fishbowl has positioned itself as the fully automated warehouse management platform your business needs.

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