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There are many ways to track parts and products. One of the most common ways is by serial number tracking. You might start using a serial number to track the progress of a part/product from the time that the purchase order is received into your inventory.

Monitoring Progress

Once a part/product is assigned a serial number, it can be monitored as it moves through your inventory system. A serial number tracking system helps you to calculate your inventory turnover rate, which enables you to make better decisions in the future while purchasing inventory.

More Serial Number Uses

Serial number tracking is also useful if you create your own parts/products. It allows you to easily find each part/product no matter which stage it might be at in the creation process. This makes it simple to exchange one part for another if needed, find bad parts/products to stop production, and much more. It is also important to use serial numbers for:

  • Quality assurance
  • Dealing with product recalls
  • Addressing warranty claims
  • And more
Tracking Success

Efficiently managing your inventory is essential to the financial success of your business whether big or small. Tracking serial numbers is just one of countless features Fishbowl is capable of. With Fishbowl, you can track by lot, carton, barrel, container, crate, etc. There is no way to lose track of your inventory while using Fishbowl correctly. In other words, Fishbowl pays for itself many times over as it saves you money while taking care of your inventory control needs.

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