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Warehouse management software allows you to do three main things: Optimize your warehouse setup, cut costs, and balance your inventory needs. Let’s talk about each of these things and show their importance to your business.

1. Optimize Your Warehouse Setup

It’s important to put products in strategic locations in your warehouse so they’re easy to access. If customers usually order two or more products together, for example, you should put those products next to each other to save time in the picking, packing and shipping process. Also, it might seem like common sense, but you should put your most popular products close to the loading bay for quick access because they’ll need to be picked and restocked more often than your other products. Warehouse management software shows you which products are often ordered together and which ones are your highest sellers. You can then plan accordingly.

2. Cut Costs

There are many ways that warehouse management saves your business money. One way is by reducing your workforce. It does the work of several employees in a shorter amount of time. Instead of requiring a large number of warehouse management specialists to keep your inventory running smoothly in and out of your warehouse, you can rely on just a few. And if you get warehouse management software that integrates with QuickBooks, you can eliminate double data entry and update both your financial and inventory records at the same time when you order, receive and sell products.

3. Balance Your Inventory Needs

Warehouse management software helps you get just the right amount of inventory in your warehouse so you won’t be overstocked on some products and sold out of others. It’s extremely difficult to balance your inventory when you’re keeping track of everything by hand or in a simple spreadsheet. Warehouse management software breaks down information into detailed reports, showing demand patterns and seasonal trends that have a big impact on how much inventory you should keep in stock.

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