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Order Management System

Many businesses use order management systems to track incoming and outgoing orders from their warehouses, suppliers and customers. An order management system, or OMS, can be a great way to save time and reduce errors in your supply chain. These systems typically allow you to track everything from vendor purchase orders to customer sales orders.

With proper order management, you will know exactly when your orders are coming in and when your inventory needs to be reordered or shipped out. You will also be able to properly organize your warehouse so that you can quickly and efficiently pick, pack and ship items. This will give you a quick snapshot of how well your operations are running at any time, so that you can make the most informed business decisions.

When receiving new shipments into your warehouse, knowing exactly where items should be placed and having pre-made labels will help save time and effort for your employees. When your warehouse employees fulfill a customer sales order without an order management system, oftentimes they have to hunt through the warehouse to gather all of the necessary items. With an order management system, they can easily print a picking list or use a wireless mobile device to know the best route around the warehouse to quickly pick up all the items.

If your business manufactures or assembles products, you can also benefit from an order management system that will allow you to track work orders and manufacture orders. These order management tools allow you to track your inventory as raw goods, as items in assembly and as finished goods to see where your products are in the manufacturing or assembly process.

Fishbowl offers powerful order management tools to help you control your warehouse and supply chain. Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks, allowing you to manage your finances along with orders and inventory without having to enter the same data multiple times.

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