Does Your Pick, Pack and Ship Process Help or Hinder Your Business?

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Pick pack and Ship Puzzle

If you have inventory, then you understand the fulfillment process of pulling product from your inventory, packaging it, and shipping it to your customers. The process is called Pick, Pack and Ship – pretty straightforward. But how you actually do the process can make a big difference in how efficient your business is. The faster you can complete the process, the more you can sell and the bigger you can grow your business.

It’s Like Wandering the Aisles at the Grocery Store

For serious businesses, doing the pick, pack and ship process without a warehouse management system of some kind would simply be bad business. It’s just like when my wife sends me to the grocery store to get “a few things” and I come back an hour later and she wants to know what took me so long. I don’t know where everything is at the store so I end up wandering aisles over and over trying to find each item on the list.

A good pick, pack and ship system can tell you exactly where everything is. Great systems will even offer intelligent picking routes that really boost efficiency. To make things even more efficient, imagine going into the warehouse to pick inventory for four of five different customer orders, and doing it without backtracking or wandering the same aisle multiple times. This is how picking should be done.

But the efficiencies don’t end there. Companies lose money when orders are shipped and something was missed, or the wrong item was picked. With a good system, each order can quickly be double-checked with a barcode scan to ensure that what is being packaged is exactly what was ordered. And since it is all automated, you print the shipping label with the click of a button and the package is ready to go out the door.

A Great Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

One of the best and most affordable systems for SMBs is Fishbowl. With Fishbowl, you can:

  • Pick in a single pass route
  • Pick multiple orders at the same time
  • Use wireless devices to map your route and pick products
  • Go digital and eliminate printed pick tickets
  • Reduce human error and much more

If you haven’t optimized your pick, pack and ship process, your business is probably losing money on missed sales, errors in shipping and bad customer experiences. Find out if Fishbowl is right for you by clicking the link below.

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