How to Hire the Perfect Warehouse Manager

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What should you look for when hiring a warehouse manager? Beyond the necessary skills and training they should have, candidates should possess these five character traits: Meticulous, technologically sophisticated, authoritative, organized and calm under pressure.

Technologically sophisticated. In order to manage every aspect of a business’ inventory, even the best warehouse manager needs help. That help comes in the form of warehouse management software. Your warehouse manager should know how to use at least some type of warehouse management system. If they don’t, then hopefully they can learn quickly because this is an essential skill.

Meticulous. Your warehouse manager will be responsible for managing everything to do with your warehouse and inventory. Their job is crucial to your company’s success, so they must perform it with meticulous precision. This is where the technologically sophisticated and meticulous character traits converge. To do the job effectively, your warehouse manager must be adept at using warehouse management software to keep tabs on every aspect of your inventory management. They must also have a mind for details, so they can properly use the software.

Authoritative. Your warehouse manager needs to wear many hats. An important one is supervisor. They must be able to work well with employees and help them be as productive as possible. This means passing on key responsibilities and making employees accountable for getting their jobs done. Using barcode scanners and warehouse management software, employees can make this task easier. It allows employees to do more and your warehouse manager to monitor their progress.

Organized. A business’ inventory must be carefully coordinated with multiple departments. Your warehouse manager should be good at organizing products, lists and other things to optimize your inventory management. They should also work closely with other department heads to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Calm under pressure. When things go wrong on your company’s supply chain or in your warehouse, your warehouse manager needs to take care of them swiftly and confidently. If they have the right resources and are sure of what they’re doing, they should be able to handle anything.

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