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When you receive a sales order and then pick, pick and ship products to your customers, you are performing an essential business task called order fulfillment. Order fulfillment can be a time-consuming process requiring the participation of warehouse managers, inventory specialists, accountants and delivery companies. To make this process less complex and more manageable, you can use order fulfillment software.

How to Prevent Typos

Order fulfillment software solves several problems. For example, a major flaw in order fulfillment is often caused by small errors. An employee can make any number of typos when he or she is typing a product’s name, serial number or the address it will be shipped to. Even one incorrect number or letter can create big order fulfillment problems. In these cases, you could accidentally deliver the wrong product, the wrong quantity or the right product to the wrong address.

To solve this problem, order fulfillment software uses barcodes and barcode scanners to automatically enter the right product and location information every time. This virtually eliminates the risk of making typos when entering data about product orders.

How to Speed Up Order Fulfillment

As mentioned earlier, order fulfillment can take a lot of time to do right. The main steps you must perform to successfully fill orders include keeping enough products in stock to meet demand, finding the right products in your inventory, and picking, packing and shipping them off.

If you have the right tools, you can do all of this much faster than you could by yourself. With order fulfillment software, you can set up automatic reorder points so you’ll never get too low on products, find products by using an interactive map of your warehouse, and print packing slips and labels so you can quickly pick, pack and ship products.

You can save money, make your customer happy and improve your efficiency all at the same time by using order fulfillment software. What a great problem solver!

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