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landed costs

How much does it cost to get products to your warehouse? It’s more than the price you pay for the products themselves. The true cost of ordering products is called the Landed Cost, which includes several factors:

  • Shipping costs
  • Crating, packing, and handling costs
  • Brokerage and logistical fees
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Employee compensation

International shipments often include (in addition to the above items):

  • Tariffs
  • Customs duties
  • Harbor fees
  • Currency conversion

Not every Landed Cost will include all of these expenses, but it’s important to keep all of them in mind when calculating the true cost of the products you order.

Rather than guessing about these important factors or calculating them by hand each time you place an order, wouldn’t it be nice to have all of that done for you accurately and automatically? Fishbowl calculates everything that goes into your Landed Costs, saving you a lot of time and making sure you know exactly how much you’ll be spending.

Plus, Fishbowl is UPS Ready certified, so you can compare shipping rates and set up a shipment directly from the Fishbowl interface without having to open a Web browser. Fishbowl is an ideal solution to handle your shipping needs. Click the button below to get a free trial of Fishbowl right now.

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