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advance shipping notice

Advance shipping notice is a paperless document that is sent through an electronic data interchange (EDI). It reduces costs and increases accuracy in receiving shipments in warehouses and stores.

You'll receive these and many other benefits by using Fishbowl and SPS Commerce's EDI solution. The great thing about advance shipping notice is that it provides detailed information far beyond what a packing list does, and it does so well ahead of an order’s delivery. Fishbowl handles the packing list creation while SPS Commerce automatically generates advance shipping notices.

There is a variety of information that can be included in an advance shipping notice. It all depends on the sender’s and recipient’s preferences. This information includes:

  • Type of packaging used
  • Detailed description of products, including weight and dimensions
  • Condition of products
  • Carrier information
  • Placement of products in the packages
  • And much more

Warehouse workers can know well in advance of any discrepancies between what they ordered and what is being delivered to them. Also, they can perform receiving procedures much quicker when they have detailed reports on exactly what is included in each shipment. This all adds up to greater efficiency and lower costs.

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