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Tool Inventory Software

If you’re going to do something, you do it right the first time using the right tool for the job. For your construction, maintenance, repair or equipment business, inventory software can be the most powerful instrument in your toolbox.

Boasting a powerful combination of features and abilities, Fishbowl Manufacturing® help monitor and manage all of your equipment needs.


Simple but powerful barcode tracking allows your inventory to be accessible at the push of a button. Cut time lost to manual audits or lost paper-filing systems. Know where your equipment is and what it’s doing, with real-time updates.


Follow any tool, equipment, or asset across multiple locations. Plot your issues, returns, and transfers all from a unified software hub. Monitor equipment performance to ensure operational efficiency, as well as customer satisfaction.


Plot comprehensive schedules to include projected arrivals, landed costs, user-specific instructions, even customer purchase histories.

Work Orders

Whether your orders are big or small, simple or complex, harness the strength of software to follow work orders across all stages of production, from multiple locations if necessary. Asset transfers can be tracked from customer to customer, reducing time spent out of service.


With the ability to track all your tools, assets, and equipment, your maintenance and repair times become planned, to the point, and made with a specific purpose. Access all equipment-use history to minimize troubleshooting for unplanned repairs, and get your equipment back working for you.


Make use of projected shipping costs before your assets ever leave the floor, with included features such as: customer delivery notifications, shipping notices, and current inventory updates.

With these key features and more, take your organization to the next level of competition, and deliver the same precision to your customers that you have come to expect from your tools. With inventory software, businesses of all sizes can streamline tool and equipment utilization and improve profitability by ensuring the right tool is in the right place at the right time.

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