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Construction Inventory Software

Whether at the job site or on the production floor, your construction business or organization relies on up-to-date information and resources to stay competitive. Don’t let outdated filing systems or mismanaged assets bring your business to a standstill.

Keep your machines humming and crews running with inventory control software.

Steer Your Supplies

With easy barcoding, all materials and goods can be immediately tracked, meaning no more time wasted on repetitive audits or stockouts.

Asset Aid

Keep your tools of the trade in play, from loaders to bulldozers to bags of hammers. Track from one location or several, transfer from site to site, and even monitor production reports.

Work Orders

Small, medium, or larger than life, trackable work orders accurately reflect inventory, worker assignment, stage completion, estimated cost, and projected completion dates.

Ship and Receive

Review all product and asset movement with updates for transfers, leases, returns, purchases, and shipments. You can even calculate landed costs.

Brush Up on History

Custom reports provide invaluable data on customer history, purchases, vendor histories, price breaks, worker assignments, etc. Put this information to work for you.

Precision Processes

Eliminate the time spent on redundant data entry, keeping up old filing systems, or tracking down lost paperwork. Your information is logged, stored, and always on hand.


Fishbowl designed its inventory control software with accounting in mind, providing seamless integration with QuickBooks, keeping your books up to date and accurate.

What are you waiting for? Build a brighter future for you and your construction business with Fishbowl Manufacturing®.

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