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Chemical Inventory Software

Fishbowl Manufacturing® provides your company with an effective software solution to track chemicals and other supplies. With so many inventory pieces to track and different vendors to order through, it can be difficult to manage. Thankfully, Fishbowl helps you manage hundreds of thousands of chemicals, as well as their corresponding costs and vendors.

With Fishbowl Manufacturing, your company will be able to manage inventory in multiple locations, set up reorder points, monitor shipments, create and scan barcodes, and more. With the addition of new tools like mobile warehouse and CRM, maintaining control of your chemical inventory has never been easier.

Fishbowl Manufacturing seamlessly integrates your warehouse with your inventory system. Streamlining your process will help your employees be more efficient and ultimately save your company money.

Download a free trial of Fishbowl Manufacturing today and find out how it can meet your needs by improving your chemical inventory system.

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