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Apparel Inventory Software

Cotton or poly-blend, blouse or t-shirt, flip-flop or boot – your customers expect a variety of apparel to meet their needs. There is no one-size-fits-all. Across the apparel industry, retailers, manufacturers and distributors are looking for the additional edge for their organization. Enter Fishbowl software, which has a tailor fit specific to your industry.


Track your every in and out, as you prepare your products on your schedule.

  • Track everything: raw materials, finished goods, even equipment
  • Assembly work orders provide updates to inventory
  • Calculated cost projections offer valuable insight before you commit
  • Multi-currency purchasing allows for global pricing options
  • Work order scheduling provides stages, locations, and assigned users
  • Vendor histories offer insight into pricing, trends, and relationships


Get it in, out, and on time without losing momentum in-between.

  • Log inventory straight off the truck or pallet
  • Part information
  • Move your inventory as you see fit without manual audits
  • Landed costs can be built right in
  • Variable pricing according to price points you set
  • Pick, pack, and ship, while inventory updates in real time


Spend less time staring at stock and more face time providing services and products.

  • Point of sale immediately reflects changes in inventory and accounting
  • Shopping cart integration for online sales
  • Credit card recall
  • Generate auto reorders for your go to products and eliminate stockouts
  • Receive updates of incoming shipments
  • Generate customer purchase histories and stay atop current trends

Your apparel business deserves inventory software handcrafted to a tailor fit. Reduce your downtime and speed up your processes so you can showcase your goods and services in the front window of the market.

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