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store inventory software

Your store is so much more than the sum of its goods or services. You offer things that customers want while providing care and service that generates satisfaction and loyalty. How do you take your business to the next tier of success while maintaining your commitment to quality?

Let Fishbowl organize and streamline your processes, putting your inventory and your data to work for you.

On The Shelves

With Fishbowl, your goods become easy to monitor, track, and ship. Wield immediate, real-time information and know where your products are.

  • Barcodes or custom SKUs mean counting once, and only once
  • Create auto-purchases for in-demand goods, at points you decide
  • Generate reports for customer histories and let hard data uncover trends
  • For shipped goods, both business and customer receive email updates

At The Register

Customers expect easy interactions and prompt service. Let Fishbowl enhance your relationships and build repeat business.

  • Point of sale reflects real-time inventory and accounting
  • Set custom payment terms and tax rates
  • Shopping cart integration with credit card recall
  • Part info and tracking, whether for a single location or several

In The Books

QuickBooks and Fishbowl go hand in hand, creating seamless integration that accurately reflects any and all purchases, sales, and inventory while providing powerful tools to steer your store.

  • Accounting reflects inventory in real time
  • Allows for varying accounting methods
  • Multi-currency purchases
  • Complete tracking of assets, parts, warehouses, even landed costs

With Fishbowl, your business can automate those necessary but time-consuming details, putting your processes to work for you.

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