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office inventory software

A successful office, regardless of size, product, or even customer base, relies on the effective use of resources. Employees. Projects. Supplies and assets. With only so many hours in the day, you need all of your resources working in harmony, and with proper inventory software for your office, you can capitalize on every resource at your disposal.


Even the most basic supplies of paper and toner keep an office running smoothly, so don’t let a simple stockout be a bottleneck. Auto purchase orders allow you to set reorder points and keep your day-to-day necessities available. Incorporate barcoding with a wireless device and make your first count be your last. Move, transfer, and ship while your inventory management software updates in real-time.


From cubicles to chairs to electronic equipment, asset tracking keeps tabs on location, maintenance, leases, transfers, even returns. Combined with individual part info and the ability to track from multiple locations, and you have immediate reckoning for every asset, with corresponding maintenance and, if applicable, production reports.


Don’t let office reporting rely on guesswork, let gathered data guide your directions. With custom reports you can access customer and vendor purchase histories, shipping reports and updates, work orders that update inventory and stage completion in real time, as well as traveling work orders and assignments. Let this information provide insight for what works and what can improve.


Keep your books, supplies, and personnel all on the same page with seamless QuickBooks integration. No more double data entry. No more jumping between software platforms. Just easy-to-use tracking and accounting brought together into a unified hub. Your accountants will thank you.

With Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse, you put your resources to work and keep them accountable. Sign up for a free trial of Fishbowl by clicking the button below.

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