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music inventory software

Music has the power to bridge cultures and fill the gaps between generations. For your music business or organization, be it manufacturing, distribution, retail, or asset tracking, Fishbowl can keep you humming to the right tune.


Optimum Inventory + Prompt Service = Happy Customers.

  • Point of Sale: Sales affect inventory counts in real time.
  • Auto-Purchase: Set individual reorder points and cut stockouts.
  • Customer History: Track what’s popular, and know your buyers.
  • Drop Ship: Connect customer to supplier.


Parts, raw materials, and kitting.

  • Print Barcodes: Generate custom SKU or rely on previous part info.
  • Wireless Device: Scan directly from unloading to delivery.
  • Part Tracking: Access part info of any size, across any location.
  • Schedule: Monitor users, materials, and assignments within a central hub.


Access contacts, item availability, and purchase history.

  • Estimate: Build vendor reports, landed costs, and projected budgets.
  • Purchases: Track work orders across all stages.
  • Multi-location: Across the street or across state lines, track your products.
  • Multi-currency: Take advantage of global purchasing power.


Sold, leased, or serviced – you control your goods.

  • Manage: Assign users for equipment, even customize instructions.
  • UPS Shipping Integration: Stay up to date with shipping and receiving.
  • Maintain: Plot out necessary maintenance and reduce downtime.
  • Monitor: Keep tabs on all equipment at any number of locations.

Get a free trial of Fishbowl Manufacturing or Fishbowl Warehouse to start enjoying these benefits. The greater productivity and streamlined processes will be music to your ears.

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