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book inventory software

Books open a world of possibilities. New places, ideas, cultures, and more. The printed word remains vital in our ever-changing world, but how does your business remain current while delivering the goods and services customers expect?

For your manufacturing, distribution, or retail business, streamlining processes and reducing downtime through inventory management software may be the key to your next great chapter.


Ensure greater customer service and inventory reliability.

  • Point of Sale: Sell products directly to customers and receive payment.
  • Reports: Customer histories offer insight and opportunity.
  • Work Orders: From simple to complex, purchase to delivery, stage your entire process.


Access clear, up-to-date information to make informed decisions.

  • Barcoding: Create integrated SKU or incorporate existing book call numbers.
  • Wireless Device: Eliminate manual audits and second-guessing.
  • Part Tracking: Know what is coming or going, with landing costs already factored in.


Put materials, contacts, and availability at your immediate disposal.

  • Order Management: Develop vendor histories and auto-ship what you need.
  • Purchasing: Track all associated costs of a product and stay on-budget.
  • Multi-location: Monitor all assets and supplies regardless of geography.


Know all the when's, where's, and what's.

  • Tracking: Follow your purchases and shipments from beginning to end.
  • UPS Integration: Reap the benefits of cost-to-time options.
  • Drop ship: Connect your customers directly while building your brand.

Books and the printed word may date back centuries, but with the addition of inventory software, your business can stay up-to-date and ready to deliver the next great page-turner.

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