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beverage inventory software

Don’t let your day-to-day processes water down your revenue. With Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse, even the smallest details add to your bottom line.

Keep Your Inventory Mobile

Count your inventory once and save time. With simple barcoding and an easy-to-use mobile device, your inventory is ready to go to work. Scan from the off-loading truck, update work orders, track from one location or several, even move inventory, all from your handheld mobile device.

Auto Purchase Order

Don’t fall victim to stockouts or stockpiles. With a customizable Auto Purchase feature, you decide what goods or supplies you want at certain points, and then let your inventory software make the purchase accordingly. Don’t let everyday necessities become your bottleneck.


So much more than a calendar. You can plot out equipment use, worker assignments, project estimations, even shipping and receiving. Monitor leases, sales, returns, even production reports. Your daily planner has nothing on this centralized activity hub.

Work Orders

With barcoded inventory, you know how much, when, and why, and your work orders should reflect the same level of detail. With Fishbowl, your work orders can update inventory in real time, reflect stage completion, restrict user rights, and track items from purchase to delivery.

Equipment and Asset Management

Minimize your downtime and track every asset at your disposal, and with accompanying production reports you can ensure your processes are running at optimal levels. Future maintenance can be scheduled accordingly, and assets’ locations and information no longer requires extensive searching or guesswork.


Fishbowl is designed with QuickBooks in mind, providing immediate integration and eliminating redundant data entry. Your inventory remains current and is reflected in your accounting. No more manual audits, no more time wasted.

Don’t let your paper push you around! With Fishbowl, you cut costs, reduce downtime, and keep your business refreshed. Download a free trial today.

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