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Large and Small Tomatoes

Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse help you manage your inventory like big businesses. Fishbowl gives you access to the same features big businesses enjoy for a price you can afford.

Because they are so complex, big businesses often use expensive inventory planning software to keep track of their many products and to avoid production delays and stockouts.

Unfortunately, most small businesses can’t afford to pay for the same expensive software big businesses use to help them proactively plan their inventory management. They must find another way to stay on top of consumer demand and effectively manage their inventory.

A good way to do this is with Fishbowl. Fishbowl offers inventory planning software with all the features you need. And it does it at a relatively low cost. Fishbowl is a robust tool that can grow alongside your business, giving you more advanced features as you require them.

With Fishbowl, you can use barcode readers to quickly order products, receive them, and pick, pack and ship them to customers. You can also instantly apply all the changes you make to your inventory to QuickBooks. This way, you don’t have to worry about double data entry, and you increase the accuracy of your recordkeeping.

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