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There is more than one type of system you can use to keep track of your inventory. See which one works best for your business.

By Hand

By default, many small businesses keep track of their inventory manually. They often use this inventory system type because they already have access to Excel spreadsheets, and they don’t have a lot of inventory to manage. Businesses use spreadsheets to organize data on their purchases, inventory levels, and reorders.

In the long term, this is probably the most expensive way to keep track of inventory due to the amount of time and inefficiency involved. Keeping track of inventory by hand is also problematic because it makes it difficult to forecast changes in supply and demand, which can result in product shortages and overstock.

By Barcode Scanner

For most companies, adopting a barcode inventory system is a big step up from doing everything by hand. Using barcodes and scanners can save a lot of time. Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse automatically update inventory quantity levels when parts and products are scanned. Fishbowl’s barcode scanners also speed up the cycle counting process.

Barcode scanners can be used to quickly order more of an item when its inventory quantities get low. They allow you to keep inventory moving in and out of your warehouse at a rapid rate.

Fishbowl is compatible with a variety of barcode scanners, offering a more efficient route to create orders, cycle count, reorder products, and track inventory in your warehouse. Fishbowl also integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, meaning everything you enter into Fishbowl is recorded in QuickBooks.

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