NASA Uses Fishbowl Manufacturing to Track Assets in Zero-G

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Fishbowl is more than the #1 QuickBooks inventory management software; it is also a powerful asset tracking system. Many organizations, such as NASA and the Mississippi State Department of Health, need a standalone asset tracking system rather than an inventory management solution.

There’s a subtle difference between asset tracking and inventory management. Asset tracking involves managing parts and products used internally while inventory management is usually geared toward monitoring products that are sold to customers. Asset tracking is a good fit for NASA and other government entities.

NASA faces many unique challenges, especially with its food program. When space flights were just a few days in length, they could get away with providing their astronauts with simple foods like applesauce. But as their missions grew into months or longer, NASA expanded its food selection to include more than 180 items.

To ensure their astronauts have the right food supplies to remain healthy during space travel, NASA started using Fishbowl Manufacturing. Using barcodes and other asset tracking tools, NASA is able to track raw materials all through the cooking process to their final destination on the space shuttle and international space station.

Ironically, it’s difficult to keep food cold in space, so NASA focuses a lot of attention on inventory turnover and food spoilage issues. As they try to come up with creative solutions to their food production and storage, they’ll continue to find Fishbowl’s inventory tracking system useful.

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