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Your lab requires proper clinical standards, carefully monitoring documentation, personnel, laboratory systems, and all other lab procedures. Ensure that your inventory management software meets those same rigorous standards by using Fishbowl Manufacturing or Fishbowl Warehouse.

Track Inventory and Assets

Barcoding ensures a proper count for every reagent, material, tool, or piece of equipment, removing laborious manual audits and recounts.

Mobile Control

With a mobile tracking device, you can check inventory levels, move supplies, monitor part or material information, even update stock for incoming or outgoing shipments.

Batch Information

All your necessary manufacturer information is available and easy to access, from manufacture date, batch number, lot number, and shipping date.


For those materials or reagents with critical expiration dates, your inventory software can highlight what and when to cycle and, thus, eliminate product waste.

Auto Replenish

Automatic purchase orders can be generated for products at levels you decide, maintaining stock at ideal levels while cutting time lost to stockouts or money wasted on excessive inventory.

Data Management

Wield the power of data how you see fit. Custom reports for production, materials, customers, vendors, as well as worker assignments and project projections.


Generate vendor relationship histories and view potential work orders relative to current inventory with estimated completion dates. The software can also suggest vendor price breaks to help maintain low overhead.

Quality Control

With an incorporated scheduler, your software can plot equipment maintenance or replacement, along with any necessary project estimations and dates.

Location Management

All inventory, assets, reports and data can be tracked and managed from a single hub, whether your locations are around the world or across the hall.

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