Apparel Inventory Software

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Whether the item of clothing in question is cotton or poly-blend, blouse or t-shirt, flip-flop or boot – your customers expect a variety of apparel to meet their specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to clothing, nor should there be when it comes to inventory software. Across the apparel industry, retailers, manufacturers and distributors are looking for an additional competitive edge for their organization. Enter Fishbowl software, which has a tailor fit specific to your industry.


Track your every in and out as you prepare all of the products on your schedule.

  • Track everything, including raw materials, finished goods, and even equipment, to keep it all flowing and working smoothly.
  • Assembly work orders provide updates to inventory records in real time as raw goods transform into finished products.
  • Calculated cost projections offer valuable insights before you commit inventory to a manufacturing job.
  • Multi-currency conversions in sales orders and purchase orders allows for global pricing options and accurate financial records
  • Work order scheduling provides for production stages, locations, and assigned users to make sure everything gets done in the right order.
  • Vendor histories offer key data points on pricing, trends, and relationships so that you can decide if you are getting a good deal or not.


Get it in, out, and on time without losing momentum in-between.

  • Log inventory straight off the truck or pallet with the use of a barcode scanner and powerful inventory software.
  • Access detailed information on every single part in your inventory so that you can tell its location, quantity, status, and more.
  • Move your inventory as you see fit without manual audits by creating transfer orders that do not require a transaction to complete.
  • Landed costs can be built right into the cost of goods so that you can more accurately set prices for them to make a profit.
  • You can use variable pricing according to price points you set and different pricing rules that can apply to different customers and situations.
  • Pick, pack, and ship items to your customers in batches or one at a time and then let your inventory software update itself in real time.


Spend less time staring at stock and more face time providing services and products.

  • Point of sale immediately reflects changes in inventory quantities and accounting figures when a sale is made.
  • Shopping cart integration for online sales keeps all of your inventory quantities accurate across ecommerce platforms.
  • Credit card storage and recall so that you can save payment information while complying with government regulations.
  • Easily generate purchase orders for your go-to products and eliminate stockouts with the help of automatic reorder points.
  • Receive updates of incoming shipments from the inventory software and also send emails to customers with shipment tracking numbers.
  • Generate customer purchase histories and stay atop current trends to forecast sales and maintain the ideal inventory quantity.

Your apparel business deserves inventory software handcrafted to a tailor fit. Reduce your downtime and speed up your processes so you can showcase your goods and services in the front window of the market.


There are three main areas in which inventory management software can help apparel sellers:

  • Manufacturing – Use production stages, work orders, and other tools to improve the manufacturing process.
  • Distribution – Monitor order fulfillment, supply chains, part information and more.
  • Retail – Point of sale solutions, shopping cart integrations, and customer histories facilitate sales to customers.

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