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Welcome to the Fishbowl documentation site.
 Explore the articles found on the left side of each page to get started,
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News & Tips

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Fishbowl 2015.2 released on December 11th
See the Release Notes for details of the latest features and then Update Fishbowl.


Tip Spacer.pngGetting Started page
Check out the Getting Started page by clicking one of the five colored circles to the right.

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Tip Spacer.pngUpdate Fishbowl
See Update Fishbowl for instructions on updating to the latest version of Fishbowl.

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Random Fishbowl Tip    Tip Spacer.pngPicking Order Info Tip.png
The Order Info column in the Picking search pane displays the customer, BOM, etc. associated with the pick.

Getting Started

Fishbowl Flow Chart

Bill of MaterialsManufacture OrderVendorPurchase OrderReceive/Reconcile|To QuickBooksPartTransfer OrderProductCustomerSales OrderPickPack/ShipTo QuickBooks|ConsignmentRMAPaymentPricing RuleReportsDashboardCurrencyScheduleCalendarInventoryFishbowl Flow Chart.png

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