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The Fishbowl Documentation Wiki is a community site designed to provide inventory control information that anyone can edit. We encourage and welcome users to contribute to the wiki. You may also explore our sandbox to acquaint yourself and create test edits. See Formatting Help for an introduction to editing wiki text.

Contribute to the Wiki

The Fishbowl Wiki is a community site that encourages contributions and edits. In order to contribute to the wiki, a user must first create an account by clicking the Log in / create account link at the top right of the page.

Edit or Add to an existing Wiki page

As hard as we try to keep everything on the wiki up to date, there may be times when a page is not. Or, perhaps a page may not provide as much information as a user thinks it should. In these situations, we highly encourage the user to edit the wiki page themselves. This can be done by choosing the Edit tab shown at the top of the page.

Note: Remember you must first have an account created and be logged in to edit. Also, some pages are Protected and may not be edited.

Edit a wiki page.png

Once the edit screen is displayed, the user will then have the ability to modify the page. Choose Show Preview at the bottom of the page to view a page before saving, and choose Save to save the page.

Note: All contributions are reviewed and may be modified or removed if necessary.

Create a New Wiki Page

Perhaps as a user you have found a great way to use Fishbowl for your company's unique processes; or, perhaps you are a Fishbowl reseller and have written articles regarding Fishbowl that you would like to be seen by the Fishbowl public. Even better still, perhaps you are a customer who doesn't seem to be able to find the documentation you're looking for but believe you could contribute your knowledge and skill of the software to the Wiki database. Creating new wiki pages is encouraged and easy to do!

First, use the Wiki search feature to see if a page already exists with the information you wish to add. If the information does not already exist, you may use the following instructions to create a blank new page:

1. In the URL Address bar of your browser, after the Fishbowl Website, add the name you wish to show as the page name and click Enter on your keyboard. A screen shot example is shown below:
Create new page by URL.JPG
2. This will take you to a page that does not currently exist. You will see the following message displayed:

Create new page message.JPG

To create the page, choose the edit this page (shown as a blue link) option on the page's message. A blank page will be displayed where you may enter the desired information. Choose Show Preview at the bottom of the page to view a page before saving, and choose Save to save the page.

Note: All contributions are reviewed and may be modified or removed if necessary.

Below are several methods for contacting Fishbowl Support.

  • Click the Help menu in the Fishbowl Client and select Support Chat.
    Support Chat from Client.png
  • The Help menu also has an option to Send Database to Fishbowl. This can be done from any Fishbowl Client if the user has the Setup-Send DB access right. This allows Fishbowl to help troubleshoot the database and log files. The same option is available by right-clicking the database in the Fishbowl Server options. To send just the logs, open the Server Log window in the Small.Data.png Data module.
  • Click the Live Chat link in the top-left corner of any wiki page to chat with Fishbowl Support.
  • To contact the Account Sales Executive that is assigned to you, open the Fishbowl Client, click the Help menu, select About, and then click the Support tab.
    Account Sales Executive.png
  • Fishbowl Support can also be contacted through email or phone by clicking here.
  • For questions regarding this documentation site, please email documentationEmail.png