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Icon.Monitor.png The Monitor module, located in the Materials group, provides a way to monitor inventory quantities for several parts at once. Colorful icons quickly communicate which inventory levels need the most attention. Fishbowl users can create their own monitor levels, also known as watches, allowing them to monitor only the parts that are applicable to them.


Module buttons
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New Button.png New creates a new watch.

Edit Button.png Edit allows the selected watch to be modified.

Delete Button.png Delete deletes the selected watch.

Auto-Create Button.png Auto-Create allows multiple watches to be created simultaneously.

Delete All Button.png Delete All deletes all watches.

Email Button.png Email opens a window to compose an email. If the module's default report is specified, the PDF report will be attached. Email can be configured on the Email tab tab of the Small.Setup.png Setup module.

Print Button.png Print sends the default module report to the printer.

How To Button.png How To opens this article in a web browser.

Refresh Button.png Refresh reloads whatever is currently open in the module.

Create a watch
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Click the New Button.png New button on the module toolbar to create a new watch.

New watch.png

If a part has not reached the alert level or critical level, the green icon Green.png will be displayed.

Edit a watch
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Double-clicking a row in the watch table will open the watch in edit mode. Alternatively, highlight the watch in the table and click the Edit Button.png Edit button.

Delete a watch
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To delete a watch, highlight the watch in the table and click the Delete Button.png Delete button. All watches can be deleted at once by clicking the Delete All Button.png Delete All button.

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Clicking the Refresh Button.png Refresh button will update the state of all watches and any quantities that may have changed since the last refresh. Automatic refresh can be enabled in the Small.Monitor.png Monitor module options.

Auto create watches
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The auto-create button provides a way to quickly create many watches with alert levels automatically based on a part's reorder point. Levels can then be edited individually after the watches have been created. Clicking the Auto-Create Button.png Auto-Create button will open a dialog asking for the information needed to automatically create watches.

Auto create watches.png


Some aspects of the Small.Monitor.png Monitor module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

General tab
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Monitor module options.png
When the Auto Refresh option is checked, a Refresh Rate (in seconds) must be entered. The Small.Monitor.png Monitor module will automatically refresh at the specified rate.
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