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Icon.Discount.png The Discount module, located in the Sales group, allows the creation of discounts that can be given to customers. Discounts can either be a percentage or a flat amount.

Discounts vs. Pricing Rules

The Small.Pricing Rule.png Pricing Rule module allows markups and discounts for specific products or product trees. Pricing Rules will automatically be applied to sales orders once they are established. Discounts are more generic and can be added for an entire sales order or per line item. Discounts are used for one-time or rare promotions, or miscellaneous items. Pricing rules are used for consistent markups or discounts for specific products or customers.

Discounts can be either a Flat Amount, or a Percentage Rate of an entire order or line item. Discounts are taxable by default, but may be void of tax if desired.

Discount main screen.png

Create a new Discount

To create a new discount, you must first be in the Small.Discount.png Discount module in the Sales Group. Select the New Button.png New button located on the module toolbar. This will open the New Discount dialog box. Enter a name and description (optional) for your new discount. When creating a new discount, you have two options: to discount a percentage or a flat rate amount. By using subtotals on a sales order, each of these discounts may be used on a per item or per order basis.

The last step is to choose whether or not this discount will be taxable. Fishbowl will default to tax discount items; however by simply unchecking the taxable option, the discount will not be taxed. If the Tax checkbox is selected, then the Sales Tax will be figured on the total cost after the Discount. If the Tax checkbox is not selected, the Sales Tax will be figured on the total cost before the Discount.

After you have entered all of the correct information for your new discount, click the OK button. Your discount will now be listed on the discount Main Screen and will be visible in all of the discount drop down menus for orders where discounts may be applicable.

Discounts can also be created using the import.

Edit or Delete a Discount

Under the Sales Group you can select the Small.Discount.png Discount module in order to edit or delete discounts. Editing and Deleting Discounts in this module are as easy as highlighting the Discount line and clicking either Edit or Delete from the module toolbar.

By selecting the Edit button you will be able to change the title and description of the discount, the type of discount (whether percentage based or a fixed amount) and whether or not the discount will be taxable.

Edit discount.png

In order to remove a Discount Line - simply highlight the discount and select the Delete option.

Add a Discount to a Sales Order

To add a discount to a sales order, click the Discount Button.png Discount button. For more information, see Sales Order:Discount.

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