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Icon.Accounting.png The Accounting module, located in the Accounting group, connects Fishbowl to QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, or Xero.


Accounting integration
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Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and Xero.

Accounting Buttons.png

To disconnect from an accounting system, click the Delete Button.png Disconnect button on the module toolbar.

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The Accounting integration must be completed prior to exporting data from Fishbowl to the accounting system. The export can also be initiated by clicking the Export link in the Small.Dashboard.png Dashboard module.

Follow the steps below to export data to the accounting system.

  1. Open the Accounting module, located in the accounting group, and click the Export Button.png Export button located in the module toolbar.
    • Standard Export - Exports anything that has been fulfilled or completed since the last successful export.
    • Repost - Re-exports all entries in the given date range. Use with caution as this may create duplicates if the entries have already been posted.
    • Mark as posted - All transactions that are ready to be exported will be marked as posted and will not be exported.
      Accounting General subtab.png
  2. A progress box will be displayed showing a list of items that are being exported.
  3. Depending on the numbers or items being exported, and the speed of the computer, the export may take several minutes. Do not stop the export once it has been started. If you experience issues during an export, please contact Fishbowl Support.
  4. When the export is complete, the status column will show all areas as Done. Click OK to close the Export dialog.
    In-process export.png

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General tab
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Accounting General subtab.png

The General tab provides the following functions:

Configure tab
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Accounting Config subtab.png

The Configure tab allows Fishbowl to integrate with an accounting system.


Some aspects of the Small.Accounting.png Accounting module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

General tab
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Accounting module options general subtab.png
If this option is checked, any notes on Fishbowl order items will be exported to the accounting system.
With this option checked, Fishbowl part tracking information, such as serial numbers, will be exported to the accounting system.
With this option checked, a bill will be sent to the accounting system after an order is reconciled, even if the order has not yet been received.
With this option checked, drop ship items will be added to the oldest open invoice, instead of a creating a new invoice each time.
With this option selected, payments will only be exported after the sales order is fulfilled. Warning: This will prohibit the export of any payments taken on sales orders until they are completely fulfilled and may result in a discrepancy between your financial institution records and your accounting system until orders are properly fulfilled. Please verify this option with your accountant and contact the Fishbowl Support team for additional information if needed.
With this option checked, the Fishbowl product number is added to the beginning of the invoice item description in the accounting system.
With this option checked, the UOM will be displayed in the item description of the accounting system if the UOM on the sales order is different than the product's default UOM.
QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero tab
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See the module options for QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and Xero.

Costing tab
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Accounting module options costing subtab.png
This tab displays the costing method currently being used, such as Standard Costing, Average Costing, LIFO Costing, or FIFO Costing. Although the costing method may be viewed here, it may not be changed. The costing method is set when a new database is created. It may be possible to change the costing method of an existing database by contacting Fishbowl Support.
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