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Icon.Custom Field.png The Custom Field module, located in the Setup group, allows custom fields to be created and modified. Custom fields appear throughout Fishbowl and allow customized data to be stored in several modules.


Create/Edit a New Custom Field
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In the Custom Field module choose which module will be associated with the new Custom Field by selecting your choice from the View Custom Fields For: drop down menu.

Custom Fields.png

The Custom Field Module comes with four default Custom Fields. You may use these existing fields, or customize them to fit your company's needs.

To edit an existing custom field, highlight the custom field and click the Edit Icon Button.png Edit button located on the component toolbar.

If you would like to add an additional Custom Field, click the Add Icon Button.png Add button located on the component toolbar.

Whether creating a new custom field, or editing an existing one, a Custom Field dialog box will be displayed. Here you will enter in the Name, Description, and Type of the Custom Field. If you choose the type to be a list you will also need to specify the List type.

Next choose whether or not the custom field is required (any time a new entry is made) and active or not. (A radio button group will always come up as required) Click OK to finish.

CF list.png

Custom Field Formatting Options

Text Allows you to add any information in a text format. For example country of origin, quality level, shipping method etc. This is especially useful when entering data that is uncommon or unique. Stores up to 30 characters. (Long Text stores up to 128 characters)
Date This formatting option allows you to either enter the date by hand or choose a date from the adjacent calendar.
Money All entries into this field will be listed with dollar signs, commas, and decimal points.
Quantity This field inserts commas in the appropriate locations. You may also enter numbers that include decimal points, greater than and less than symbols.
Count Count is similar to the above field except that commas are not automatically entered.
Checkbox This option allows you to create a yes or no option. At the prompt the user may either choose to check the box or not.
List Fishbowl allows you to create a drop down list of frequently used responses. For example, you could create a custom field for the states where various vendors are located. Once the arrow is clicked next to the custom box, the user simply chooses the correct option and clicks on it.
Radio Button Group

Similar to the list option, this choice lets you create a group of responses listed on the screen. When one is chosen, the button at the side turns blue. Only one option is allowed to be chosen at a time.

Custom Fields can also be created using the import.

Create Radio Button groups and Lists
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In order to use List and Radio Button Group you must first create the List/Options for your user to choose from.

In the Custom Fields Module click on the Custom Lists tab (located to the right of the Custom Fields tab) which opens the Manage Custom Field Lists Screen. Click the Add Icon Button.png Add button located on the component toolbar.

This will open the Create/Edit List. Choose a name and description for the new list or group you are creating. Click Next. You will be asked to add the options that will appear in the drop down list or as radio buttons. To add items, click the Add Icon Button.png Add button to the right.

The Custom List Item screen will appear. Create the name and description of the option and click OK. This will add the name and description to the List Items screen in the Create/Edit list window. Repeat this procedure until your List/Radio Button Group is complete.

Custom field edit lists.png

Return to the Custom Field screen by clicking on the Custom Field tab and repeat the above steps. However, at the drop down menu at Type choose either List or Radio Button Group. This will access the List drop down menu. Click on the arrow and choose the appropriate List (as shown right). When finished, click OK.

You have now created Custom Fields unique to your industry and field.

In order to add unlimited additional Custom Fields, use the same steps as above, but choose the New Icon Button.png New button to the right. Custom Fields and Lists/Groups can be edited at any time by clicking the Edit Icon Button.png Edit button.

CF list.png

Use a Custom Field with an Advanced Search
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Once you have chosen the Module that will be affected by your Custom Field (for example, Part, Product, Customer etc.) you will then have the option of using the information from those Custom Fields as part of your Advanced Search. For example, in the Product Module, the Custom Fields I created of Custom Color will now be options to use when doing an Advanced Search for a Product.

Radio button Groups appear as a drop down list when used in the Advanced Search screen. This allows you the option to search for a Radio button type if you would like to.

If a Required Custom Field is added to a module, it will only act as required when a new Part, Product, Customer etc. are added or as an existing Part, Product, Customer etc. are edited. You will not be required to update your whole database immediately because a Required Field was added.

Refined CF search.png


Some aspects of the Small.Custom Field.png Custom Field module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

General tab
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Custom Field Module Options.png
With this option checked, only required custom fields will be shown in wizards. For example, when creating a new part, only the part custom fields that are marked as Required in the Small.Custom Field.png Custom Field module will be displayed, instead of all of the part custom fields.
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