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Icon.Carrier.png The Carrier module, located in the Setup group, lists all shipping carriers and services. Carriers can be imported from QuickBooks, created in the Carrier module, or imported using the import.


Add a new carrier
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Follow the steps below to create a new carrier.

  1. Open the Small.Carrier.png Carrier module and click the New Button.png New button located on the module toolbar.
  2. Enter the Name and Description.
  3. The SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code) is an optional two to four letter code that is used to identify transportation companies.
  4. To add services to the carrier, click the Add Icon Button.png Add button on the toolbar the right.
    UPS Ground.png
  5. Memos can be added, edited, viewed, and printed on the Memo tab.
  6. To save the carrier, click the Save Button.png Save button located on the module toolbar.

A customer's default carrier and service can be set on the Details tab of the Small.Customer.png Customer module. If the customer doesn't have a default carrier, the default carrier specified on the Details tab of the Small.Company.png Company module will be used.

Edit, delete, or inactivate a carrier
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