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THRIVE – the only conference with an On-Site SPA! Meet the extraordinary women of The Skin Institute




Mary Ronnow – Director

Mary has over 38 years experience in the skin care industry – practicing for the last 20 years as a licensed esthetician, para-medical esthetician evolving in to Master Esthetician, licensed instructor, and school owner.  She was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the skin care licensing reform in the state of Utah.  With the successful passing of the esthetic licensing bill in 2001, Mary saw the immediate need for a higher standard of esthetics education.  The Skin Institute in St. George, Utah opened its doors to students in September 2002 to provide sold sophisticated training for spa personnel, esthetics, and the medical esthetics industry.

Mary has extensive hands-on industry experience practicing in salons, day spas, destination resorts, plastic surgery clinics, dermatologists’ offices, and medi-spas.  She continues to inspire students and employees with a refined professionalism that exemplifies grace, passion, and creativity.  She teaches and encourages others to consciously leave mediocrity behind and tap into their own human genius and limitless thinking.


 Kelli Charlton – Director of Education

Kelli holds a Bachelor degree in English Education with an emphasis in Educational Technology, a professional educators license and a Master Esthetician license in the State of Utah.  She manages the day-to-day scheduling of staff and students, as well as coordinating guest speakers, field trips and other activities for the school. She acts as Principal, Mentor, and Career Counselor.

She encourages all students to strive for excellence and does not stop at word; she encourages them in action as well. She was awarded the Business and Professional Woman “Woman of the Year,” and graduated from Dixie State University with the honor of “Female Student of the Year”.

Sadie’s Story – One of Our Thrive Inspiration Champions


Sadie’s Heart Warming Story

My name is Sadie Pulsipher. I am no one out of the ordinary. I am a wife and a mother of six amazing children. My dreams and goals are like everyone else’s. I work hard every day. I juggle the life of motherhood and wifehood, and in 2012 I joined the forces of women in business.

I have always supported my husband in his adventures, but in 2012 I had a clear impression to buy my own business. I bought Raindance Cleaners & Carwash with a long-term plan. After a much-needed makeover and with the support of my family, our one-acre property became the home of two automatic carwashes, five self-serve carwashes, one full-service Laundromat, and a dry cleaner. I knew nothing about the industry at first, but I quickly learned.

Raindance Dry Cleaners expanded to St. George in April of 2014. Every week I pick up the dry cleaning of business professionals at their place of business. This has been a very exciting venture for us. What I enjoy most about this business is the number of people I get to meet on a regular basis. Customer service is our first priority and we love feedback. We aren’t afraid to make the customer happy.

My number one goal has always been to have a job for my son with Down syndrome. Currently he works with his 16-year-old sister and offers free air fresheners to our car wash customers. It’s a beautiful sight when you see your family pull together and work together. I have been blessed with a husband who works hard to provide for our family, and he and my children are what motivate me to forge ahead every day.

Kyle always says, “If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it.”