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Dr. Dupree was a hit at the Thrive and is returning today for an encore performance October 8 at 3pm via a live webinar. Everyone is welcome to join in.

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Dr. Jared Dupree

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Learning and Growing from Joy and Pain

Jared DuPree, PhD, MBA, an avid cyclist, and CEO of St. George Health & Wellness Magazine recently shared with our team some of his thoughts on the topic and his favorite quote that inspires him, “Sometimes we are meant to comfort the afflicted; sometimes we are meant to afflict the comfortable.”

Jared reminds us that there will be times when we need to get up, brush ourselves off, and “comfort” ourselves as we heal our wounds. However, many of us need to “afflict the comfortable” as we get out of our comfort zone and push forward through the difficulties of life.

Jared goes on to explain, “It is not uncommon for us to want to give up when we are riding up that steep hill or getting back to the race after a disappointing fall. What is the secret?

“Knowing when to heal after pain versus knowing when to inflict some pain on ourselves temporarily as we engage in hard things is a key point.

“It may sound strange but some level of pain helps us get through the difficult times and even surpass them. There is a difference between allowing pain and difficulty to rule our lives and using pain to help understand, heal, and connect. Many of us avoid pain, inflict pain on others out of spite or numb pain with temporary reliefs – all of these responses are typical when we want to get rid of pain quickly. Healing and growing are different – in many ways it requires more pain.

The pain of pushing through the challenge, rising above the difficulty or even overcoming doubt leads to true change. It is through the pain that we learn who we are and our relationship with others. The pain of the race is a shadow of how we handle the pains of life.”



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