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The Reorder Point is the threshold at which you should order more products to prevent shortages while also avoiding overstock. This Reorder Point Calculator helps you quickly calculate when you should reorder a specific product.

Enter your information below to calculate your reorder point!

  • Lead Time: The number of days between issuing a purchase order and receiving the product(s).
  • Safety Stock: The number of days’ worth of inventory you keep in case of emergency.
  • Basic Stock: The number of days’ worth of inventory you normally keep on hand.
  • Unit Sales Per Day: The average number of products you sell each day.

The Reorder Point is calculated using this equation:

Reorder Point = (Lead Time + Safety Stock + Basic Stock) * Unit Sales Per Day

The Reorder Point Calculator is a small part of the advanced inventory management features you will find in Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse. With Fishbowl, you can keep track of sales trends, seasonal changes in demand, supplier history, inventory levels and many other factors that can influence your Reorder Point. In Fishbowl, the Unit Sales Per Day will also be calculated automatically based on your sales history.

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