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Do you have a warehouse, or need one? Consider the benefits of having an inventory solution where, with the use of bar code scanners, your inventory tracking approaches 100% accuracy. Experience shows that the time and money saved by having an accurate inventory system will dramatically affect your bottom line.

Fishbowl Mobile makes it easier to track and manage your assets. You can run your barcode software from a wireless handheld barcode reader with the same ease as you would from PC or laptop. With a barcode scanner, receiving inventory is fast and simple. Picking items for an order is as simple as scanning the barcode and pressing a button—the picked inventory is updated immediately on the Fishbowl server.

Moving inventory from one location to another is even easier. To move an item, just scan the old location tag, then the new one, and you're done. To help you keep your records accurate, Fishbowl Inventory offers new cycle counting features. Cycle Counting helps you quickly update your product quantities. You simply scan a product and type the quantity you have in stock. If that quantity differs from what you have on file, the server will be automatically corrected with the new data.

Fishbowl Inventory simplifies the process of running an efficient warehouse or store. The greatest benefit is reflected in the name of Fishbowl Mobile — meaning you aren't tied down to a computer workstation, nor do you have to write down or remember everything you do in the warehouse. Completely wireless and easy to use, Fishbowl Mobile gives you the freedom, speed and accuracy you desire in your warehouse inventory control system.

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